Eredi Rampin Dino s.a.s.
Via Covolo 149 - Tel/fax 0423/53207
31017 Crespano del Grappa (TV)

Hotel Al Covolo has been recently renewed and it is situated in a quiet and panoramic place sorrounded by a green landscape and offers you a complete and delightful stay. The Hotel is equipped to satisfy any requirement; it is provided with all services and comforts such as a T.V. hall, a wide restaurant saloon with A.C. with 120 places, a panoramic terrace located in the sorrounding green park, and private parking. All charming rooms have private bathroom, telephone and a balcony.
"Al Covolo" is a family runned hotel: the Proprietors - Rampin family - personally supervise the kitchen: taking personal care of the homemade cusine offer the residents homemade and typical dishes of the area.

Reservations are accepted for company dinners or tourist groups in visit to the sanctuary since it’s easy to reach also for buses with an adjacent parking lot

The property is the ideal base for touring the scenic environment and is placed in such an excellent position to enable the residents to easily reach the cites of Bassano del Grappa, Venice and Treviso.